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Manchester self storage

Self Storage in Stockport

At the Manchester Self Storage Company, we’ve been providing cost effective, easy-to-arrange, mobile self storage, for over 12 years, to customers in Stockport and around the Greater Manchester Area.

Whether you are an individual who is looking to self store personal items or a business in Stockport that needs space to archive files, surplus office furniture or stock items, we’ll have the perfect solution for your specific requirements.

Should you have any specific questions, let the team know how they can help by calling us on 0800 170 1260 

No hassle, door-to-door self storage in Stockport

Most self storage companies will expect you to get your items to them and unload them all at their facilities. This can be stressful if you have to go to the trouble and expense of hiring a van, plus paying for the fuel to go in it, but if you book self storage with us, we’ll take care of all the logistics with our door-to-door service. We’ll bring a mobile storage unit direct to your residential or business address in Stockport, ready for you to load and we’ll collect it, taking it to our secure warehouse facility.

It’s so easy to book your self storage in Stockport

To start booking your self storage in Stockport, you can either use our online quote form or call us direct on Freephone 0800 170 1260 to chat through your options. All it takes is a few simple steps and our team are on hand if you should have any specific questions.

The first step is to sort a date to deliver a mobile storage unit to your address and book the amount of time you need us to store your items. Each unit measures approximately 280 cubic feet, but you can order more if required. If you are unsure, just ask and we can advise. Our mobile storage units can take boxes and individual items such as furniture, books, computers, office equipment, advance order stock items…and more.

We’ll also set a date for collecting the mobile unit to return to our storage facility. However, should you then decide that you might need a bit more time, just let us know and we’ll sort out an alternative date to suit you. If you need help loading your mobile unit, chat to the team and we can add this to your self storage plan.

Get packed up for self storage in Stockport

You will need to make sure that you pack your belongings securely to keep them from being damaged whilst in transit and in self storage in Stockport. You may have your own boxes but they must be sturdy and can be stacked without damage inside your unit. If you are not sure that your boxes are suitable, we can provide boxes or packing materials which you can order from us and will be inside your mobile unit when we deliver it. We have a choice of box sizes as well as assorted discounted box kits. If you think you might need advice on packing up fragile, bulky or large items, then please feel free to ask one of the team.

Your items will be safe and secure at our self storage in Stockport

Your mobile unit will be secure, locked and you’ll be the only key holder, plus our storage facility is protected by the latest security systems. Should you decide, at any point, that you would like to visit our facility to have access to your mobile unit, then this can be arranged, free of charge, with some advance notice.

Getting your items returned from self storage in Stockport

On the agreed date, we’ll deliver your mobile unit back to your specified address. However, we do know that plans can change so if you’d like us to keep your belongings in storage longer or want them delivered to a different address, this is easy to arrange. We have a UK-wide transport and delivery service or if you are planning to relocate abroad, we can ship to most countries around the world.

What if you need ‘crate only’ self storage in Stockport?

If you only need to store a limited quantity of smaller items in Stockport, such as documents or books, then our Mini Storage Units might be the ideal solution. You’ll still get the same door-to-door service but will only pay for the space that your individual crate or crates will take up. If you need your crates back at any point, then just let us know. We offer a same day delivery service option should you need something back urgently.

Our self-storage experts are on hand to make it easy to arrange your self storage plan in Stockport. We offer a range of discount packages, plus additional discounts for the Emergency Services and NHS. Should you have any specific questions, let the team know how they can help by calling us on 0800 170 1260 and you will also find more information on our FAQs page.

Shelly C from City Centre,
Shelly C from City Centre,
April 2019
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“If we ever need storage again in the future we would use you.”
M P Lease from Fallowfield,
M P Lease from Fallowfield, May 2019
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“Such an easy service for students needing storage.”
Judith M from Sale
Judith M from Sale
January 2019
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“Excellent, friendly and professionally service.”
Oliver H from Didsbury
Oliver H from Didsbury
January 2019
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“4th time I’ve used the service. All great again!”
Callum W from Bolton,
Callum W from Bolton, December 2018
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“The driver has been very helpful an all occasions including lending me his trolley at one point. Many thanks to all the staff.”
Catherine W from Leigh
Catherine W from Leigh
September 2018
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“Excellent service. Driver very friendly and helpful. Thank you!”

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