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Why choose Mobile Self-Storage over traditional self-storage?

No transport costs, no van hire or van deposit and no diesel costs. Load once and unload once- no double-handling of your items, increasing the risk of damage. Simple!

Can I store large pieces of furniture in my Mobile Self-Storage Unit(s)?

Of course! Our Mobile Self-Storage Units are specially designed to fit all types of furniture and other household goods that you may need to store, 2-3 seater sofa's, welsh-dressers, dining tables & chairs and white-goods. The Mobile Self-Storage Unit's capacity is approximately 280 cubic feet

How should I load my Mobile Self-Storage Unit(s)?

It's always best to load the biggest items in first packing smaller items around them. It's always important to use the height and don't forget to wrap and cover fragile items. Bubble-wrap a packing supplies can be found here.

What if I need another Mobile Self-Storage Unit?

That's the beauty of mobile-self storage! We can simply deliver another Mobile Self-Storage Unit to your door upon request. However, we always recommend you try our space-calculator too.

How long do I have to load my Mobile Self-Storage Unit(s)?

There are a number of services we can provide an no extra charge. Need a full weekend? Perhaps load it after work? Or maybe you just need an hour? We are completely flexible. Just ask our friendly staff a

I don't have anyone to help me load my Mobile Self-Storage Unit(s), can you help?

We can arrange someone to help you for an extra charge. When booking your delivery-slot, let our staff know and they will provide you with costs and availability.

Do you sell packing boxes, bubble-wrap and tape?

Need one box? Need a home-packing kit? Visit our box-shop here and we can have your packing supplies waiting for you inside your Mobile Self-Storage Unit when we deliver.

How do I access my Mobile Self-Storage Unit(s) when it is in storage?

We can either re-deliver your Mobile Self-Storage Unit(s) for a small charge. Alternatively, you can visit us! We just ask for twenty-four hours notice before you visit.

Do I have to give notice when I want my Mobile Self-Storage Unit(s) delivered permanently?

No. We don't operate notice-periods. However, to ensure you get you Mobile Self-Storage Unit(s) delivered when you want it, we can only operate first come first serve. Give us call as soon as you have a date in mind and we'll do the rest!

What security measures do you have in place?

Where to start? Firstly, your Mobile Self-Storage Unit(s) will be delivered in a purpose-built trailer which has three stages of security: a steel-lock on the coupling, an enforced clamp on the wheels and security-lock on the doors. Meanwhile, your Mobile Self-Storage Unit inside will have it's own padlock of which you are the only key-holder. Our storage centre has monitoring alarm systems equipped with PIR sensors and all that is backed up by our digital CCTV operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you offer insurance?

We can offer you our Storage-Cover for peace of mind up to the value of £12k. Let us know how much you would like to cover your items by and we will add this on to your account.

Do I have to take insurance?

Not at all. It's entirely up to you if you choose to insure you goods or not whilst in storage.

How much do you charge for storage?

We are constantly trying to get the best price for you and regularly bringing out new special offers. The cost largely depend on how many Mobile Self-Storage Units you need and how long you need to store for. For a free quote, click here and we'll get in touch. Alternatively, call 0161 877 1260 to speak with one of a members of staff.

Can you still help me if I'm in the city centre?

Not a problem. We are in and out of the city centre daily. Leave that to us!

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The Benefits

Great value self storage and no hidden costs

Individual secure Mobile Self-Storage Units

24 hour digital CCTV

Flexible and affordable terms

No admin fee when you move in

No deposit payment plans available

Save money with no van hire