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Moving House? Discover How Self-Storage Can Prevent Headaches

Why Self-Storage Could Ensure You Don’t Have A House-Moving Headache

Moving House?

Although the prospect of moving house is often a wonderful thought and feeling, the reality of the moving process itself is often hard work, exhausting and stressful. With so many plates to spin at once, the pressure of trying to complete the move in one day, along with the horror of realizing exactly how much stuff you have in the loft or under the stairs, it is no wonder that people worry and panic about every aspect of the move.

Whilst it is unlikely that hiring a self-storage unit will resolve all of the issues mentioned above, it does provide you with a couple of very important benefits, time, space and security. Let’s open your eyes to the benefits of hiring a self-storage unit when moving house, something that many people have never considered.


Anyone who has ever moved house before understands the fact that it involves waiting around for the legal process to complete before descending into a mad and frenetic day of moving furniture, cardboard boxes and anything else you might imagine. Although this is not an issue that self-storage can eradicate in full, it can certainly reduce the burden of stress for all involved. This is because prior to moving house it is entirely possible, feasible and indeed an excellent solution to hire a self-storage unit and then move a large percentage of your possessions there before the big day.

Depending on the site of the self-storage unit you choose, and MCR Storage have units to suit every requirement, it is entirely feasible that you could store 80 to 90 per cent of your possessions in the self-storage unit. This means that on the day of the move, you only need to concern yourself with transporting the most important possessions such as your crockery, kettle and microwave!! Then once you have moved in you are free to slowly transfer your possessions into your new home at your own pace, with no pressure, stress or hassle.


Regardless of whether or not you are moving into a larger property space on moving day will always be an issue. When everything is packed away in a cupboard in your new property, then space is not something you are likely to even consider, but when you are moving heavy or bulky items such as wardrobes, sofas, or fridges then the last thing you want to be worrying about is all of the other boxes of items that you are moving. Tripping over a carelessly abandoned box could have disastrous consequences, which is where once again the benefits of self-storage units come to the fore. Having additional storage away from either your old property or indeed your new one means that you have the space to move home safely and efficiently.

The secret is to store those items which while important are not everyday items. Provided you have labelled your boxes correctly, you can then go to the storage unit at your convenience to retrieve the next batch of property you need as and when it is required. Thousands of our customers have told us that this has made such a difference to the moving process and that they will never move without using a self-storage option again.


Security is another factor that many people can easily overlook when moving home. With so much to do on the day, or whilst involved in shifting heavy items it is not unheard of for the van or lorry you are using to be left open and unattended. Your valuable items are then not only on show for everyone to see but potentially at risk of being stolen while your attention is elsewhere. At MCR Storage, we take security very seriously investing heavily in the latest CCTV, security systems and access systems. This means you can rest assured that any possessions you leave in our care are safe, secure and not at risk of theft, damage or other issues.

Ease of Access

When it comes to self-storage units most of them are located in out-of-town areas where the focus has been on reducing the cost to the business. At MCR Storage we always have and always will put the needs of our customers first. When we choose the location of our self-storage units we always think about how easy it is for our customers to get to and from our facilities. We utilise our local knowledge of traffic conditions to ensure that our customers can quickly and easily get access to their property.

Proper Packaging Of Your Possessions

Furniture Storage ManchesterOne of the biggest risks when moving home is damaging your possessions. This could happen for a multitude of reasons, but primarily it is because most people do not know how to package their valuable items correctly. At MCR Storage because we specialise in storing items, we are able to recommend the proper packaging materials you need to dramatically reduce the risk of damage to your possessions. Our team will happily walk you through how to pack items, ensuring that no damage comes to those important possessions that may have been in the family for many years.

Book Your Self-Storage Today At MCR Storage

self storage manchesterThe entire concept of utilising self-storage to help when moving home is planning well in advance. As soon as you know your moving day, or even before then contact MCR Storage to arrange a visit. We will be able to guide you on the likely size of storage unit you will need, give you a guided tour of the units if required and most importantly of all reserve a space for you so that is one less thing that you need to concern yourself with.

To book an appointment, or just to come to see the facilities and discuss your requirements, call our friendly customer service team today on 0161 877 1260

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Moving House? Discover How Self-Storage Can Prevent Headaches


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