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Specialist Tips For Storing Your Furniture Safely in Our Self-Storage Units

self storage Your Furniture Safely

When it comes to our customers’ questions, one of the most frequent pieces of advice we are asked for is how to store specific items. As furniture is probably the number one type of equipment on this list, we thought putting together a furniture storage guide would be beneficial. So, if you are looking at storing furniture in a self-storage unit, then hopefully, this article will provide you with all the information you require.

Clean Your Furniture Before Placing it In Storage.

Furniture Storage ManchesterBefore putting your precious furniture into Storage, it is imperative that you thoroughly clean it. This is because any dust, or dirt or indeed moisture that is left on the furniture before putting it into long-term Storage could then potentially end up causing long-term permanent damage to your property.

If you want to go the extra mile, then another effective tip is to wrap your furniture in plastic, as this can help protect it from being scratched or dented and prevent moisture from settling on the soft furnishings. These simple steps can help to protect your furniture and cost little to nothing to implement.

Disassemble Any Flat Pack Furniture

Although this may seem a little excessive when it comes to self-storage pricing, you are paying for the amount of space required, so it makes sense to minimize that amount of space as best as possible.

When it comes to items such as bookcases or bed frames, this will not only save you space and money, but it is also likely to minimize the risk of any damage being caused to them during the moving and storage process.

Invest in Pallets or Plastic Bases

Although our self-storage facilities are immaculately maintained, in our opinion, it is best practice not to place your furniture directly onto cold concrete flooring. Invest in pallets or plastic boxes to raise your furniture off the ground, which in addition will also make it easier to clean underneath should you wish to.

Always Store Your Furniture With The Heaviest Items At The Bottom

In much the same way as you pack your groceries at the supermarket, consider the weight of your furniture when storing it. Essentially, you want to put the heaviest items at the bottom and then the lighter items on top. This will prevent any damage being caused to those lighter items.

Use Appropriate Packing Materials and Always Leave Some Space Between Items

Best Storage Unit Near MeIf you plan on storing your items for a long time, leave some space between your items to allow air to flow freely. This is crucial as it will dramatically reduce the risk of mould or mildew from growing. Additionally, invest in high-quality packing materials, which you can buy from MCR Storage.

This will protect your important pieces of furniture to ensure that they provide you with many more years of enjoyment once you finally bring them back out of Storage.

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