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Packing Tips

A few tips can go a long way to save you money and cut down the time needed to load your Mobile Self-Storage Units.

  • Always wrap glassware and china in bubble-wrap. Refrain from using newspaper as the ink can bleed onto crockery and leave a permanent mark. Once you have wrapped your fragile items in bubble-wrap, you can then use newspaper as filler inside the boxes.
  • Pack your cartons to capacity so they will stack and not crush other cartons underneath. Try not to stack heavy boxes anymore than four high.
  • Use brown packing tape to secure the packing boxes into shape and strap horizontally and then vertically for extra strength. Use at least three lengths of packing tape on the base of each box.
  • Double-wrap pictures and mirrors with bubble wrap. Don’t lie them flat in the Mobile Self-Storage Units but try and protect them in-between pieces of furniture.
  • Use smaller packing boxes to store heavier items such as books. Don’t pack them with fragile items and position them on the base of the Mobile Self-Storage Units. DON’T STACK THEM UP TOO HIGH.
  • Spread the weight of all the items in the Mobile Self-Storage Units equally to assist with the laden.
  • Wrap up mattresses like a Christmas present and secure with brown packing tape. Slide them into your Mobile Self-Storage Units like a book.
  • Lay leather sofas and chairs on their legs or casters. Storing them upright can leave stress-marks on the arms.
  • Use duvets, blankets and pillows to support and protect pieces of furniture from rubbing.
  • Flat-pack as many items as you can in order to save space. If tables cannot be dismantled, protect the table-top with blankets and pack boxes or smaller pieces of furniture between the legs.
  • When storing white-goods, keep them dry. Wrap cling-film around water inlet and outlet pipes so water does not splash on furniture or boxes. LEAVE YOUR FRIDGE DOOR OPEN.
  • Save time when you get you Mobile Self-Storage Units re-delivered by labelling every box with a room name.
  • Before you close and lock your Mobile Self-Storage Units, ensure everything in snug so it doesn’t move in transit.
  • Don’t forget to read our list of items you are not permitted to store here.
  • The most important thing with our manchester self storage packing supplies is order more rather than less as you can always return what you don’t use.
  • Please visit to order all of your packing supplies.

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