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The Ultimate Set Of Packing Tips For Anyone About To Start Using Self-Storage

The Ultimate Set Of Packing Tips For Anyone About To Start Using Self-StorageSelf-Storage Packing Tips

Like most things in life when you are embarking on a new type of project it pays to undertake some research in order to maximise the benefits and hopefully minimise the cost.

This certainly applies to hiring a self-storage facility and here at MCR Storage, we are committed to delivering the best possible value for money for our clients, which is why we have put together this set of packing tips.

Plan Prepare And Identify

The first thing you need to do is think carefully about the items you wish to store, how long you are planning to store them for, and how often you are likely to need access to each item. Your aim is to pack the items that you need access to less likely near the back of your storage unit, and the ones that are more frequently used closer to the front of your unit for quick and easy access. By planning and preparing the process, you will save yourself a lot of time, effort and hassle, moving forward.

Create A Packing PlanSpeak To Our Team About The Size of Unit You Need

Ideally, you need a storage unit that is big enough to store all your items, but is not too big that you are spending more money than you need. If this is your first time investing in a self-storage unit then it is unlikely that you will be knowledgeable in the size if unit you require, which is why our team of friendly customer service advisors are always more than happy to advise you.

High-Quality Packing Materials Are A Worthwhile Investment

If you have a lot of valuable personal items that you need to store, it can be tempting to use cheap and inferior packaging materials. Unfortunately this can prove to be a false economy, as all too often we have had to assist distraught customers who have picked up a cheap cardboard box, only for it to rip and their valuable and precious items smash on the floor. At MCR Storage we sell high quality packaging which protects your items keeping them safe from the elements and protecting your investments.

Save Space By Disassembling Furniture

It might seem like a bit of extra potentially unnecessary work, but storing furniture such as bookshelves and tables can take up a lot of unnecessary space. If possible our advice is to disassemble any furniture that you plan to put into storage as this will help to protect those items better, and additionally save you extra expense paying for additional storage that you don’t actually require.

Furniture Storage ManchesterIf You Cannot Dismantle Furniture Make Use of It

Think smart. If you cannot dismantle furniture such as a chest of drawers or a wardrobe, for whatever reason, then utilise that storage to store some of your items. This is a sensible and indeed clever way to maximise your use of storage.

By following these tips you should be able to save yourself some money, keep your valuable possessions secure and still have the flexibility to access them at your convenience.

If you need help or advice, want to visit our premises or simply get a free no-obligation quotation then call our friendly customer service team today on 0161 877 1260

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