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How To Downsize Your Home and Upgrade Your Life

In our times anyone can benefit from downsizing their homes. And there can be many reasons for that. It may be that

• it is about time you declutter your house
• you are moving to smaller place in a more desirable neighbourhood
• you are member of the military or a big corporation having to relocate
• you are a retiree ready to simplify life

In any case, simple things like reducing clutter can free up space in your house and make it easier to organize things in your life. Remember that MCR Self-Storage is always there to help and make the process easy and cost effective.

Here is a valuable guide to help you downsize your home without stress.

Create an Inventory of your belongings

The first step is to make an estimate of your new living arrangements and take measurements of your new living space. Take a close inventory of your belongings and consider which things are really important to you.

Then, take into account all those items that you can live without. Those are the items that can go in a box. The items you cannot throw as trash, but don’t need them in your everyday life either.

We recommend making 3 lists:

1. Must haves. The items you cannot live without.
2. Live without. The items that don’t need to come with you and you can store, sell or donate.
3. Have replaced. Items that can be stored or potentially sold, like small furniture.
A detailed inventory can also help you with Insurance and save you from a lot of trouble if you combine household with someone. It is a good idea to suggest they do an inventory themselves and go through them together. Be systematic as it will pay off later.

Be ready to deal with disposable items

It is always a good idea to sell the things you don’t need. It makes the process a lot easier and you get some money for your old items. The price might not be very good for old things in bad condition, but still. Do consider the fact that most items today are recyclable and remember that you can always donate to charity.
Part with clutter

Maybe you just realized that you need to free up space even if you are not moving to another house. It has come to the point where you can’t think clearly with all that clutter in the way. Self-Storage units provide the perfect solution for those times when your attic, garage, and closets have reached their maximum capacity. If you can’t bring yourself to sell or to donate your things, keep them sheltered in a storage unit until you know exactly what to do with them.

Get solid storage space

When planning storage, keep in mind that you need a good and safe home for your belongings. Do the match and calculate how much you’ll pay for the unit every year versus the actual value of the items you’re putting into storage. If you plan to store items ‘just in case’, just sell them. MCR Self-Storage can bring you all the boxes you need for the items that are really valuable to you. With a good downsizing you can lead a lighter life, without spending money shoehorning all the things you have into a smaller place.

Downsizing your home can really upgrade your life and simplify your lifestyle. And downsizing doesn’t have to be a hassle. Parting with certain items can be emotional but think of the added value of all that remains. Plus, what you care about can still be there for you in safe storage, and we at MCR Self-Storage make sure that you have an overall smooth experience.

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