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Four Famous Manchester Businesses Who Could’ve Used Mobile Self Storage

Four Famous Manchester Businesses Who Could’ve Used Mobile Self Storage

Manchester’s a hotbed of innovation and success. With some of the world’s most famous and rich football clubs, record labels and other businesses, there’s no wonder that the city’s moving from strength to strength.

But we had a look back over some of the odd decisions organisations in Manchester have made over the years, and we’ve come to one conclusion.

Things could’ve gone even better if they’d used mobile self storage…

Manchester United Football Club

OK, we all know Manchester United is famous for having great footballers like Best, Law, Charlton, The Class of ’92 and Cristiano Ronaldo. But let’s not pretend that the side’s not had its fair share of bad buys.

Take Juan Sebastian Veron for example. Fergie snapped him up for a bargain price of – erm – £28.1 million. And then sold him to Chelsea two years later for £15m.

£13.1 million pounds to keep hold of a footballer who’s doing nothing for two years. If Veron had just been sealed up in a mobile storage unit for 24 months, it’d have cost nowhere near as much. And maybe a solid storage unit with a reliable lock would’ve added a bit of steel to the Red Devils midfield too…

Boddington’s Brewery

The Cream of Manchester was synonymous with the city for over 100 years, after Henry Boddington took over the Strangeways Brewery in the 1850s. However in 2004 the brewery’s new owners decided to ship off to South Wales, and a pint of Boddies hasn’t tasted quite right since.

Imagine if they’d put all the beer-making gear into storage and just had it redelivered to their new premises as part of our mobile storage service instead of scrapping the old brewery completely.

Not that we’re bitter about it, of course.

Factory Records

New Order, The Happy Mondays, the Madchester sound. That’s all the work of the legendary Factory Records – a company famous for being absolutely terrible at making good decisions on how to spend their money.

The company’s most famous lasting legacy is the Hacienda nightclub – now a block of luxury flats on Whitworth Street in the city centre. But even the Hacienda ended badly, with a police siege, vandalism and loads of damage.

All we’re saying is that if some of the contents had been placed in a secure mobile storage unit, watched over by 24/7 CCTV, the Factory Records exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry would have better items than the loading bay doors.

First (Buses and TransPennine Express)

OK, you’ve caught us out. We can’t think of a big shining example of when First should’ve loaded up a self-storage unit. But if you’ve spent hours sat on a stationary train after yet another signal delay or waiting for a bus that should’ve showed up 40 minutes ago, you’ll appreciate that it’d be nice for companies to get things where they need to be at the right time.

That’s just what we do. If you need any of the items in your mobile locker, we’ll get it back to your driveway with just 24 hours’ notice.

Delivery when you want it – that sounds far better than yet another cancelled train!

Take Advantage of Mobile Self Storage

You don’t have to be a globally-renowned business to see the use in our mobile storage units. Whether you’re a local business, a student, or a homeowner looking to move across the city, we’ll be happy to make storage simple and affordable.

Our prices start at just £8.25 per week. And if you pre-pay for 12 weeks, we’ll give you six weeks’ storage absolutely free. Call 0161 877 1260 and book today. We’ll be happy to help.

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