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5 Uses For A Self-Storage Unit

When many people think of self-storage, they assume it’s just for business owners or to declutter your home, but it can have many benefits besides just these two. At Manchester Self-Storage, we deliver a mobile unit to your home for you to pack at your convenience and we will take it back to one of our secure locations, with redelivery available for a small charge at any time.

You can access your valuables 24 hours of the day and have peace of mind, knowing your belongings are in a high security environment with CCTV and alarm systems throughout.

self storage house

Buying a new property can be an equally exciting but frustrating time. So reduce some of that frustration by using self-storage to store all your belongings but the bare essentials.

When it comes around to move in day, you can view your new home with its full potential, giving you more space to redecorate and then move in the rest of your possessions when you know where it will all go and when it suits you. Using self-storage can also provide security should any unexpected issues arise closer to your move in day.

student storage manchesterUniversity student storage

Many student homes have no overlap between moving from one to another over summer, leaving students with a lot of possessions and nowhere to store them.

If you’re studying at a university far from your parents’ home, it could be more beneficial to use a self-storage unit near you while you wait to move. Manchester Self-Storage provides storage for students across Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield.

Business documents

With some businesses now required to store confidential documents for up to 6 years, it’s understandable how their office space can become cluttered and overcrowded. By choosing to store these private documents with Manchester Self-Storage you can have 24 hour a day access should you need it, as well as peace of mind that these vital documents are in a safe and secure location.

All Types of Furniture StoredSmall home owners

Once you buy your perfect home, in the perfect location, the last thing you want to do is move because it has become too small. If you own a small house or apartment, consider using self-storage for your unessential items that you use infrequently.

For example, your Christmas decorations, camping gear and summer clothes, rather than desperately trying to find space in your small property, use a self-storage unit for a smarter solution to owning a small home.

Long term travelling

Travelling is one of life’s most incredible experiences, so why worry about where to store your belongings whilst you’re away. Rather than having a couple of boxes in families spare bedrooms, store all your valuables in one place with Manchester Self-Storage units.

When you’re travelling care-free, the last thing you want to do is worry about where your items are and when you should be collecting them, therefore we can offer a flexible storage solution whilst giving you peace of mind whilst travelling.

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