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Why Demand For Self-Storage Has Increased During The Pandemic

Self Storage Manchester2020 and 2021 have been complex and challenging years for many businesses, but the Self-Storage industry has not only weathered the storm, it has also blossomed.

In this blog post, we will look at some of the reasons why self-storage is more popular than ever and why the future appears to be very bright.

The Business Landscape Has Evolved Dramatically

It could be argued that there are two distinct business models in the UK today – a traditional business that utilizes expensive real estate and the modern internet-based companies that have taken the country by storm in the last couple of decades. Ironically both models require the need for self-storage facilities for entirely different reasons.

  • Traditional Businesses – The global pandemic has forced many business owners to reevaluate their business methods. Working from home has become the norm in many industries, and even when the pandemic eventually comes to an end, there is a strong school of thought that working from home has become entrenched in the business psyche. Business owners have been evacuating large and expensive city-centre locations, with a realization that they no longer need so much space.

Self Storage Salford QuaysHowever, although there has been a move to smaller office spaces either by choice or necessity, there is still a need to store paperwork, stock, or other business necessities, for which the new smaller offices may not have the capacity. In these types of situations, self-storage units provide the perfect solution with significant savings, easy access and the potential to expand exponentially as the business grows.

  • Internet Businesses – Many technically savvy entrepreneurs have identified the internet as the future and have set up some innovative and ground-breaking businesses from their homes. For those businesses which involve the sale of stock or products, this throws up the challenge of where to store the stock. Once again, the self-storage industry provides the obvious solution. Customers can store their excess stock relatively inexpensively have access 24/7 without the need for expensive showrooms or any of the other challenges typically associated with business premises.

The Pandemic Has Also Encouraged Lifestyle Changes

Decluttering Your Home OfficeThe change in how we work has also changed the mindset of thousands of homeowners across the country. Now that they no longer need to live close to the big cities, many people are choosing to move out and commute. They have needed storage facilities during this process, and some have realized how handy it is to have that extra storage space at such a reasonable price.

MCR Storage has been at the forefront of this growth, as local businesses and homeowners have begun to realize the many benefits of working with us. With competitive pricing, local and modern storage facilities, and friendly and knowledgeable staff MCR Storage is the company for all of your local self-storage needs.

If having read this article you are in need of self-storage facilities, give us a call today on 0161 8771260

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