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What Are The Rules Surrounding UK Self-Storage

Manchester_self_storage_Store_001Self-storage is a cost-effective solution to a variety of storage issues, from families to business owners to university students, many people turn to self-storage.

However, many rules must be adhered to when using self-storage units, which have been designed following UK law to support the health and safety of customers and staff.

These rules depict regulations for storage buildings, contracts, and insurance details, many of which have been set out by the UK Self Storage Association.

Storage locations

Owners of storage businesses must meet the following criteria to provide storage facilities to the public.

  • CCTV that monitors key access and exit points with recordings kept on file for at least two weeks
  • Meet all Fire, Asbestos and Health and Safety regulations with clear signage within the building addressing the requirements
  • A secure and defined perimeter (either the building itself or a perimeter fence)
  • The building must be clean, dry and watertight
  • A customer only access to the self-storage area and a designated reception area
  • Monitored security alarms
  • Customer and staff facilities

Customer access

  • Direct access for customers to their units
  • Facilities must be accessible for all
  • Provide stairs or mechanical access to any upper floors or higher storage

Owners of storage facilities

  • Emphasize security to customers
  • Inform customers of goods that are prohibited for storage, with posters and meeting customers before contracts are signed
  • Request multiple forms of identification for the customers purchasing a unit

The storage units provided must meet the following requirements

  • Individual locked access and security from any other access points, e.g., adjacent rooms
  • Secure perimeter

Contracts must follow legal guidelines

To provide self-storage units to the public, the contracts provided by the business owners must be based on the UK Self-Storage Association standard terms and conditions.

  • Printed in legible size font and format with copies made freely available
  • A warranty for the True Total Value of the Goods
  • Signed and initialed by the customer for proof of their understanding that they own what is within the unit, prohibited goods that they cannot store, and that the operator does not insure the products, and the customer must provide this.
  • Termination of agreement
  • Defined room/space/unit
  • Price, method of payment and charge period

Insurance at each storage location must provide –

  • Insurance against the property in the event of a fire, floods, storms, etc. Similar to the landlord insurance requirements
  • Warehouse liability insurance for goods stored that are damaged, such as negligence on behalf of the owner
  • Public liability insurance with a minimum value of £2 million
  • Insist the customers purchase their own insurance for the goods that they chose to store
  • Provide clear insurance paperwork for customers

Self Storage in ManchesterAt Manchester Self Storage, customer service is at the heart of our business, which is why you can use our company for all your storage needs and be confident when doing so.

We follow all guidelines set out by the UK Self Storage Association and regularly reassess to make sure we are operating at the highest standard. Tel: 0800 170 1260

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