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Christmas Self Storage for Retailers

Excess Stock is Snow Joke

If you’re expecting to be hit by an avalanche of stock in the pre-Christmas run-in, consider freeing up some space through self-storage. Your first thoughts might be that this is just an extra expense you don’t need but it could actually save you money.

How Christmas Self Storage Improves Stock Management

Christmas Self Storage

During the hectic Christmas spell, no matter how much you drill into your staff to take care when stacking and loading boxes, the sheer amount of stock will lead to breakages and misplaced items.

This leads to increased customer returns and delays in fulfilling orders, all of which costs money and affects brand sentiment.

By transferring excess stock out to a dedicated self-storage centre, you will free up space in your main office or warehouse to enable your fulfilment process to run smoothly over the festive period. The more orders you can process in a day, the more profit you make.

In some cases, an excess of stock can even be a health and safety issue. If you are stacking boxes too high, leaving them lying around to trip over or blocking fire doors, you could find that Santa brings you a hefty fine for being naughty this year!

Why Choose Manchester Self Storage Specifically?

Manchester Self StorageUnlike the majority of self-storage companies out there, we can actually come to you. This alone is a massive benefit to many businesses as it means no taking a van out of service at the busiest time of year or paying one of your drivers (or taking up your own valuable time) to transport the stock.

Here is how the process works:

  • You calculate how many mobile storage units you need for your excess inventory (we can help you with that)
  • You arrange a convenient window in which you can pack up your storage units
  • We deliver the unit/s to the address of your choice
  • You pack the unit/s and secure with the padlock provided’
  • You let us know when (and where) you need the stock returned.
  • We deliver the unit/s back to you.
  • You unload the stock.
  • We collect our unit/s.

The Manchester Self Storage company also have more than 12 years’ experience in the storage industry which means we can anticipate most of the needs of our business customers. For example, if you need to come to us to check on your stock, you need only give us 24 hours’ notice and we will have your unit/s waiting for you in a loading bay offering door-to-door access. This service is provided free of charge. With storage centres throughout the North West, we are an ideal choice for firms managing stock across multiple depots as we can return stored items to any of your depots at no extra cost.

Our rates are business friendly, with units starting at £5 a week, and we don’t hit our customers with added costs like admin fees for booking in. Our friendly and approachable colleagues are focused on making the entire storage experience a positive one.

Self-Storage is not Just for Christmas

Like puppies and kittens, self-storage is not something you should think about only at Christmas. Flexible storage can be of benefit in many different scenarios, for example:

  • Holding excess seasonal stock or slow moving inventory
  • Securing valuable items ( our fully insured units include remotely viewable 24 hour digital CCTV and monitoring alarm systems)
  • Organising and protecting important documents (e.g. invoices)
  • Storing office furniture
  • Storing marketing and display materials (including your company Christmas tree!)

In fact, many online businesses are even running solely from home using storage units as a virtual warehouse.

To find out more and get a free quote, please call 0161 877 1260, email or complete our handy form.

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The Benefits

Great value self storage and no hidden costs

Individual secure Mobile Self-Storage Units

24 hour digital CCTV

Flexible and affordable terms

No admin fee when you move in

No deposit payment plans available

Save money with no van hire